About the nft collection

3693 unique NFTs

A collection of 3693 unique PFP collectible NFTs created by an anonymous artist and living on the polygon blockchain network .Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a Cryptron369 NFT PFP and support our upcoming projects and platforms

unique traits

Each Cryptron369 NFT is unique and programmatically generated from over 100 possible traits like skin, headwear, clothing, backgrounds , eyewear etc .


Building a community to support all members of Crypto/NFT/Metaverse universe . Utility by providing access to our upcoming Scam Detection and social media marketing platform.

The BackStory

Cryptron369, the advanced AI system, With its unparalleled ability to create genetically engineered beings and clones imbued with unique and powerful abilities,has become the driving force behind efforts to protect the universe from peril. From facing off against cosmic threats to rewriting the course of history, Cryptron369’s clones are on a mission to ensure the safety and survival of all existence. Get ready to join the ranks of these incredible heroes and witness the incredible feats that can be achieved when science and heroism collide.


What the future holds

Holding a Cryptron369 NFT grants access to our upcoming  AI platforms . Community collaboration to prevent scams . NFTs Airdrops . CSR initiatives for green crypto mining .

more nft collections

In works are several collections of NFTS associated to Cryptron369 genre and origins


Collaboration with popular brands , influencers ,movements , causes & charities in the Crypto and Web3 sphere

Action Comedy comic strip

In development and conceptualization is a series of action comedy comic strips based on the NFT characters.


Utility to the NFT holders and ShibArmy members with free access to our upcoming Social Media Marketing platform 

Supporting Shiba Inu Meme Coin

Committed to promoting
Shiba Inu coin

We are dedicated to contributing to its success through our ongoing and future marketing efforts, educational resources, and community outreach initiatives .Like 3% of sale revenue dedicated to burning SHIBA INU.

The priority would be collaborate with the SHIB ARMY to push Shib Inu adoption for products and service , cross promotions and more through our social media marketing and scam prevention platform MacroSoftOne.

SHIB Warrier of Cryptron369 NFT collection
About Cryptron369

A brand that fosters creativity, imagination,
innovation & community .

 Cryptron369 provides value to its NFT or token holders by building the brand through propagation of art, storytelling, and through genuine innovations in web3, while representing core values.